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Ultimate ULTRA Massage Chair



    NEW!   Best massage chair!

In  Stock

10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black brown,, champagne Or red 



Ultimate L III Black

Ultimate L III
Massage Chair

 In Stock NeW- $2499.99

    Blowout SalE  

10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black,  BROWN,  Beige, or Red


Ultimate L Massage Chair

Ultimate L
Massage Chair



 IN STOCK! 10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black, Brown,

 red or gray color




Ultimate L Massage Chair

Ultimate L
Massage Chair



 Available in black, brown or red

10 Yr. Warranty


Ultimate S/L Massage Chair



    Hideaway leg massager  In Stock

10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black Or beige

While Supplies Last 



Ultimate L Massage Chairs Model Comparison


Ultimate S/L Massage Chair  Ultimate L Massage Chair
37.4" Back Roller Travel 51 3/16" Back Roller Travel, 55% More Coverage
Massages Down To The Buttocks  Massages Down Past The Buttocks, To The Thighs
Requires 16"-20" To Back Wall Slide-Space Saver Requires 4" To Back Wall
24 Volt Electrical-Safer/Energy Efficient 24 Volt Electrical-Safer/Energy Efficient
Heavy Guage PU Covering-Leather Like   Heavier Guage PU Covering-Leather Like 
LED Display Hand Held Remote LED Display Hand Held Remote  
Mp3 Player + Speakers + Phone Connection- Bluetooth  MP3 + Speakers + Phone Connection -Bluetooth
Zero Gravity to 160 Degrees in any program Zero Gravity to 160 Degrees in any program
Shoulder Press   Shoulder press     
N/A   3 LED Lights On Each Speaker
5 Different Strokes In Auto  5 different Strokes in Auto 
5 Different Auto Programs
5 Different Automatic Programs 
1 Piece Hideaway Leg Massager-Mechanical extension by springs 2 Piece Leg Massager-Automatic Leg extension/retraction  
Rollers On Sole Of Feet Dual Speed & Direction Rollers On Soles Of Feet
Heat On Back Heat on back
 N/A N/A
L Design Gets Closer To Back & Spine
L Design Gets Closer To Back & Spine
Longer Arm Massager Does Hands Or Fingers
Longer Arm Massagers Does Hands & Fingers & Also Recline With You
Hand Held LED Remote-Easy To Use  Handheld LED Remote -Easy To Use
Timer 15, Minute 
Adjustable Timer 15, 30, 45, or 60 Minute. Only Chair That Will Do 1 Hr. Or Longer Massage
Zippered washable Inserts For Feet
Zippered Washable Inserts For Arms, & Feet
3 Intensity Levels For Airbags-Very Strong  
Controls all Airbags

6 Intensity Levels For Airbags-Very Strong

Controls All Airbags

46 Extra Large Oversize Multi-Stage Airbags  64 Extra Large Oversize Multi-Stage Airbags
Can Do A Very Strong Deep Tissue As Well As A Soft Swedish Massage 
Does A Very Strong Deep Tissue As Well As A Soft Swedish Massage
6 Speed Adjustments For Back Rollers 
6 Speed Adjustments For Back Rollers
Side Hip Airbags, No Hip Twist Feature 
Side Hip Airbags Does Hip Twist
N/A Uses Commercial Grade Components, i.e., Japanese Bando Belt -Best 
N/A AntiFire Material for Back Covers
212 lbs. Net Weight  
297 lbs. Net Weight
$7,999.99 Retail $9,999.99 Retail
10 Year Warranty  10 Year Warranty

Ultimate L                                                                          Ultimate L III

64 airbags                                                                                80 Airbags

Heat on the back                                                                      Heat on the back as well as calves

Head pillow cushion                                                                 Head pillow with airbags massages your temples

Black, Medium Brown, Red, or Gray color                               Black, Dark Brown, Beige or Red color

Space saver wall hugger.                                                        Not a space saver. Needs more space to the back wall to recline                                                    

LED mood setting lighting                                                         -------------N/A-------------------

---------------N/A----------------                                                      Has removable backrest pad and removable seat pad 

5 Auto Programs                                                                       6 Auto Programs

5 Manual Programs                                                                   6 Manual Programs

No Sole Point on arm airbags                                                   Sole Point on arm airbags for pressure points.

No Rolling/rocking massage                                                       Does Rolling/Rocking massage

5 Back Roller intensity settings                                                   6 Back Roller Intensity settings

5 Airbag intensity settings                                                           5 Airbag intensity settings

5 Foot Roller intensity settings                                                    3 Foot Roller intensity settings

2 Rows of Foot Rollers                                                                3 Rows of Foot Rollers

---------------N/A---------------------                                                    Has Rollers on Calves

Has Hip Airbags                                                                           Has Larger & Stronger Hip Airbags

Has Silicone Back Rollers/Massage Hands                                 Has Larger Silicone Back Rollers/Massage Hands

---------------N/A----------------------                                                  Partial Airbag massage.

---------------N/A--------------------                                                    Has pouch for Remote storage

---------------N/A-----------------------------                                         Has pouch for Personal items storage

---------------N/A-----------------------------                                         Has a free smartphone app to operate chair.

$1999.99 + freight ($399.99) = $2399.98 Delivered in 48 U.S.   $2499.99 + freight ($399.99) = $2899.98 Delivered .


*The above only reflects the differences between the models in terms of features.  Everything else not mentioned above would be the same for both models in terms of features.

* White Glove Delivery & Setup is available for only $200.00 extra in the U.S. & $300.00 extra in Canada. 

* Standard Delivery to Canada is only $499.99, or $100.00 more than to 48 U.S.

  • Delivery within 180 mile radius of 90670 Santa Fe Springs, CA is only $200.00 total for white glove delivery & setup, saving you $399.99 in freight!

Differences Between Ultimate L III & Ultimate Ultra

Ultimate Ultra Additional Features Vs. Ultimate L III-

  • 106 Airbags- more airbags offer better massage
  • Higher Quality, More Durable & Fashionable Leather Like Covering
  • Dual Air Pumps Provide A Better Airbag System
  • Wall Hugger Zero Space
  • Will Accommodate People up to 6'6" & or 375 lbs.
  • Larger Full Size Shoulder Airbags
  • Larger Arm Massagers With Airbags On Both Upper & Lower Sides
  • Heat on back, seat & calves
  • $3499.99 + freight ($399.99) = $3899.98 Delivered in 48 U.S.
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