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Ultimate L III Black

Ultimate L III
Massage Chair

 In Stock NeW- $2699.99

    Blowout SalE  

10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black,  BROWN,  Beige, or Red



Ultimate S/L Massage Chair



    Hideaway leg massager  In Stock

10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black Or beige

While Supplies Last 



Ultimate L Massage Chair

Ultimate L
Massage Chair



 IN STOCK! 10 Yr. Warranty

Available in Black, Brown,

 red or gray color




Ultimate L Massage Chair

Ultimate L
Massage Chair



 Available in black, brown or red

10 Yr. Warranty



Ultimate L Massage Chairs Model Comparison


Ultimate S/L Massage Chair  Ultimate L Massage Chair
37.4" Back Roller Travel 50.4" Back Roller Travel, 55% More Coverage
Massages Down To The Buttocks  Massages Down Past The Buttocks, To The Thighs
Requires 16"-20" To Back Wall Slide-Space Saver Requires 4" To Back Wall
24 Volt Electrical-Safer/Energy Efficient 24 Volt Electrical-Safer/Energy Efficient
Heavy Guage PU Covering-Leather Like   Heavier Guage PU Covering-Leather Like 
LED Display Hand Held Remote LED Display Hand Held Remote  
Mp3 Player + Speakers + Phone Connection- Bluetooth  MP3 + Speakers + Phone Connection -Bluetooth
Zero Gravity to 160 Degrees in any program Zero Gravity to 160 Degrees in any program
Shoulder Press   Shoulder press     
N/A   3 LED Lights On Each Speaker
5 Different Strokes In Auto  5 different Strokes in Auto 
5 Different Auto Programs
5 Different Automatic Programs 
1 Piece Hideaway Leg Massager-Mechanical extension by springs 2 Piece Leg Massager-Automatic Leg extension/retraction  
Rollers On Sole Of Feet Dual Speed & Direction Rollers On Soles Of Feet
Heat On Back Heat on back
 N/A N/A
L Design Gets Closer To Back & Spine
L Design Gets Closer To Back & Spine
Longer Arm Massager Does Hands Or Fingers
Longer Arm Massagers Does Hands & Fingers & Also Recline With You
Hand Held LED Remote-Easy To Use  Handheld LED Remote -Easy To Use
Timer 15, Minute 
Adjustable Timer 15, 30, 45, or 60 Minute. Only Chair That Will Do 1 Hr. Or Longer Massage
Zippered washable Inserts For Feet
Zippered Washable Inserts For Arms, & Feet
3 Intensity Levels For Airbags-Very Strong  
Controls all Airbags

6 Intensity Levels For Airbags-Very Strong

Controls All Airbags

46 Extra Large Oversize Multi-Stage Airbags  64 Extra Large Oversize Multi-Stage Airbags
Can Do A Very Strong Deep Tissue As Well As A Soft Swedish Massage 
Does A Very Strong Deep Tissue As Well As A Soft Swedish Massage
6 Speed Adjustments For Back Rollers 
6 Speed Adjustments For Back Rollers
Side Hip Airbags, No Hip Twist Feature 
Side Hip Airbags Does Hip Twist
N/A Uses Commercial Grade Components, i.e., Japanese Bando Belt -Best 
N/A AntiFire Material for Back Covers
212 lbs. Net Weight  
297 lbs. Net Weight
$7,999.99 Retail $9,999.99 Retail
10 Year Warranty  10 Year Warranty


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