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Dare To Compare The Medical Marvel Massage Chair.  We Guarantee You Won't Find Another Chair That Does True Traction Or Is A Better Quality Massage Chair With More Features & That Massages Better At A Lower Price!

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FAQ 1 Do massage chairs really work ?

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FAQ 3 How often should you use a massage chair ?

FAQ 4 Can owning a massage chair replace a massage therapist ?

FAQ 5 How are we able to offer such a fine massage chair at
such a huge savings ?

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a massage chair ?

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massagechairsforless com ?

FAQ 8 Why are hydraulic leg extensions better than
mechanical extensions ?

FAQ 9 What makes our massage chairs among the
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FAQ 10 What kind of warranty do you offer ?

FAQ 11 How easy is it to set up my new chair ?

Q-How are we able to offer such a fine massage chair at such a huge savings?

A- We bring our massage chairs into the Port of LA, CA by ship in containers directly from the factory & distribute by truck throughout North America from our warehouse. We order them directly from the factory that makes them as their exclusive agents in North America, with no middleman markups & sell them directly to you, eliminating added handling costs. You in turn are handsomely rewarded with your savings of $3,000.00-5,000.00 off of the retail purchase price. You end up with the best massage chair possible at the lowest price anywhere! That coupled with excellent customer service is our recipe for assuring you of a pleasant buying experience & your becoming a happy satisfied customer.

Q-Why do you charge for shipping when other companies offer free shipping?

A- We are strictly wholesale factory direct.  There is no freight company that will ship a rock, let alone a chair weighing 450 lbs. for free.  Any company offering free shipping is a reseller and has buried the cost of shipping into the price.  If we were selling the chair for $5,000.00+ we could easily offer free shipping and more.

Q- How come you do not offer leather covering on your chair?

A- Leather is the wrong covering for any massage chair for 2 reasons.  One is that leather is a porous hide and if you sweat or spill a drink on it, it will be absorbed into the leather and it will smell and deteriorate.  Second reason is that leather and heat do not mix. Heat will dry up and cause the leather to crack. We use the strongest high grade industrial strength pu (polyurethane), which looks and feels like leather, but is much more durable and is non porous.  If you sweat on it or spill a drink on it, it will not be absorbed, but rather it will bead up on top of it and can be wiped off with a piece of paper towel.  Secondly, it is also unaffected by heat. 

Q- How do I clean the pu covering? 

A- Cleaning the pu covering is a breeze.  You never use any type of chemicals on it, just luke warm water on a piece of paper towel and most anything will easily wipe right off.

Q- Why don't you use plastic molded panels on the outside of the Ultimate L Massage Chair?

A- Plastic molded side panels detract from the chair's appearance and make it look like it belongs in a kid's game room rather than a great room, family room or living room. They also scratch easily.  But most importantly they squeak and creak causing the chair to be a great deal noisier.  We use a steel frame covered throughout the exterior side panels with pu covering.  It is much richer in appearance and it looks much better in a great room, family room or living room.  It is more durable and most importantly our chair is much quieter, nearly whisper quiet.

Q- What type of results can we hope to see using the massage chair?

A- Customers are seeing less aches and pains of muscles and joints, improved circulation, improved mobility, and reduced inflammation in their bodies, as well as a new improved version of themselves and have regained their smiles back.  You will also stand a greater likelihood of preventing the onset of a new illness by using the massage chair and also stand a greater likelihood of preventing an existing illness from progressing and in some cases we have seen certain illnesses put in remission.  All illnesses begin as inflammation in our bodies.  The massage chair will help identify and eliminate inflammation naturally at its source.  It is not a cover up or a pain killer.  It flushes away the inflammation using our bodies natural sewer system, our lymphatic system, which is designed to eliminate any toxins and things our bodies do not want need or use.  We believe it to be the single best investment one can make towards improved health.

Q- Will the massage chair hold up over time and if I ever need service how it is handled?

A- Our chair is built with the highest quality commercial grade components and is designed to provide many years of uninterrupted performance.  We have chairs in chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, Veteran's hospitals, car dealers, teachers associations, etc. many of whom use our chair for as much as 16 hours a day.  No other chair can handle that.  It is also the only chair that can give a 1 hr. or longer massage.  It weighs about 100 lbs. more than an average massage chair and is better built.  It is the only massage chair that is tested at the factory before they are shipped.  We also have the lowest incidence of service of any chair in the industry.  We are like the lonely Maytag repairman of massage chairs.  There also is no maintenance on our massage chair.  The only time you service it is if you have a problem.  You are less likely to ever encounter a problem with our chair, however; if you do, you can reach us 7 days a week from 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. EST by phone and 24/7 by email.  We stock all the parts.  The chair is modular in design and you can replace most any component in under 15 minutes with no mechanical ability needed.  If a part is needed to be replaced, we will send it along with a step by step on how to replace it.  If required technicians are available as well.

Q- Is there a place where I can try the massage chair?

A- Since we are factory direct, if we were to have retail locations the prices would be much higher.  We do have many satisfied customers in surrounding areas that you are welcome to talk to.  Some have extended the opportunity to see it and try it in the past, but that is not something we can do.  Even if we did have a retail location near you it still would not be the proper way to evaluate any massage chair for the following reasons.  Firstly, you are likely not dressed properly to enjoy the full benefits of the massage chair.  To do so one would be dressed in only shorts and a Tee shirt.  Anything beyond that, long pants, layers of clothing, etc. will detract from the massage.  Secondly, you cannot begin to understand or experience all of what the massage chair chair can do in 1 hr., which is why we provide you the best solution, our in home 7 day 100% risk free trial.  You are given 7 days from the time you receive the chair to make certain you are delighted.   If not you contact us and let us know and as per our terms we arrange to pick it up and refund you in full for the original purchase price less shipping.  No one else in our industry provides this.  The reason we do this is because we know that you will be delighted.  If our massage chair doesn't delight you in every way a massage chair was intended to do, then no chair in the world would.

Q- I live In Canada.  What is the process in buying a massage chair from your company?

A- The following are the total costs involved-:

You pay only for the price of the massage chair + shipping in U.S. dollars, as we are a U.S. based company.  You pay a Canadian Customs Broker to clear your shipment at the border.  Our Canadian Customs Broker only charges you $49.99 CDN & they collect only 5% of only the price of the chair, not including shipping for your Canadian government.  Both result in savings of hundreds of dollars for you.  

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